Saturday, 3 June 2017

Sometimes you can't do right for doing wrong

A recent booking turned out to be less than satisfactory due to disruptive audience members.
Usually I can handle them by embarrassing them or just abusing them. This night was different.
The first problem was with a pair of women who were sat on one side of the venue on a large round table, alone. I went over to try and integrate them with the rest of the audience with a name check and some gentle banter. As they were two middle aged women of a less than feminine demeanour I asked discretely, for me, if they were 'together'. To which they demurred. Then I noticed one of them had a walking stick so I joked that the strippers would steer clear of her because she wouldn't be able to run after them. Her 'friend' then told me to go away because the other one was upset. I have no idea why.
Next I was told that someone on the next table had complained that I had upset the woman with the walking stick. She didn't know them. What was it to do with her?
The final straw was right at the end when, as it was a charity night, the strippers volunteered to be auctioned off for the winner to give them a body massage. One of the women on the table who wanted to be outraged on behalf of others started to harangue me saying the auction was demeaning to men! What a load of bollocks!
Rather than try and have a conversation and kill the mood stone dead, I just told the DJ to turn the music up.
Honestly, lighten up people! It's supposed to be a fun way to raise money for a good cause.

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