Friday, 5 December 2014

Busy busy busy

I hadn't realised just how much work would be entailed in bringing my new show to the stage.
Not only is there a whole new wardrobe of costumes to create but there is scenery (I know, it sounds unlikely, doesn't it?) and audio visual material to create.
I am learning so many new talents along the way; I have found that green screen film-making, just like in the movies, is available on any domestic computer! Watch out Peter Jackson I may yet challenge your Hobbit films with my very own Mistress of The Ring homage!
I have also taken the huge (to me) step of embracing singing and am having vocal lessons from a wonderful professional singer/coach of my acquaintance, Carol Leeming, who has agreed to undertake the immense task of moulding me into a semblance of a singer by February. Her courage and faith have to be admired!
I am hoping that by the time the show is ready I will be brave enough to go out on the road as a completely live act with no mime.