Monday, 15 October 2007

A Tale of Two Gigs

Isn't it funny how two gigs just a few miles from each other on the same weekend can be so different?
This weekend I was booked to do two Ladies' Nights in Cambridgeshire. The first one on Friday had already been postponed from August and I told the Agent that I wouldn't accept another postponement (I had heard from a friend that ticket sales were slow to non-existent). The Agent phoned the organiser and was assured that ticket sales were brisk and it would not be cancelled under any circumstances this time. As it turned out there were just 20 girls in a venue that could hold 200+!! Very disappointing.
Saturday was the complete opposite. 100+ screaming women in a capacity venue with great facilities, very cheap alcohol and a good attitude. It was one of those nights when I was being applauded merely for walking onstage. They clapped every routine and laughed at all my jokes. What more can an ageing drag queen ask for? Thank you, St Neots xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Another eventful weekend!

OMG I do have to put some miles in to keep you girls happy!
This weekend I was in Walsall (NOT Birmingham, as the locals were at pains to point out! I don't blame them trying to distance themselves) entertaining a group of deaf girls! Well, me and a couple of strippers (Black Xctasy and Billy Ecstasy) approached it with an open mind and, it has to be said, had a great time. It was a little disconcerting doing my live patter and having to wait for the Signer to catch up but we managed.
Then it was down the M1, round the M25 and on to the south coast for a Hen Night just outside Brighton. Many years ago I used to live in brighton and was curious to see how it had changed. Changed? It was like a different place! I didn't recognise any of the route down.
However, the pub were were booked into was great (with two different strippers - I am so lucky working with new cocks ... errr boys every night! Thanks to Taurus and Devon). The girls were well up for a good night and made us all feel very welcome.
Having left home at 2.30pm I finally staggered home at 3am. Who says showbiz is glamorous?