Thursday, 14 December 2006

End of an era

In life we quickly get used to things staying the same. Unfortunately things have a bad habit of changing when you least want them to.

Last Sunday I went to the final sale day of an institution in the world of drag and TV's. Hayway Shoes finally closed its doors.

Hayway was the final manufacturer of large size, specially reinforced shoes especially tailored to the drag , TV and TS market in the UK. Located in Leicester, this family firm welcomed visitors to their factory with open arms and were more than happy to produce one-off customised shoes for those of us with a fertile imagination.

I, along with many others, will sorely miss being able to pop in and see the guys, have a coffee and design a new pair of stage shoes. I have been a regular customer of theirs for the last 10 years and, quite honestly, I am dreading having to make do with off-the-shelf, imported, boring shoes from now one.

Jackie, Pete, Debbie & Phil, we will miss you. Good luck in your next ventures