Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bad organisation

I feel the need for a rant!
I have just got in from a gig. It was a long way away so I wanted it to be good
As usual I travelled with my full PA system in the car - so often I have been told that the venue 'has a great sound system' only to arrive and find I was expected to perform to a soundtrack generated from a £20 Argos Beatbox (you think I jest? It has happened countless times).
So, I arrived at the venue. I had been told I was wanted onstage at 8pm but it turned out I wasn't needed til 8.45 - no great issue.
When I talked to the Manager of the venue I said I needed to be sure that the DJ had a CD deck and a cordless microphone. 'Yes', he said, 'he has both for you to use'
Then, when the organiser of the event arrived I ask the same question and, again, was reassured that both items would be available for my use.
I launched into my act and, sure enough, there was a great CD deck which produced great quality sound.
Then came the moment when I needed a microphone and the DJ handed me a cord mike on the end of 6ft of cable! 'No,' I said, 'I need the radio mike' 'We don't have one' he said. Whereupon I exploded.
I had my own mike in the car. I could have used it if need be. I refused to carry on, introduced the stripper and walked out to get my microphone.
Why the hell didn't someone tell me after I had asked two separate people if I needed it? Looking back it was no surprise, then, that they hadn't sold enough tickets to cover their costs if that was the level of organisation.