Sunday, 27 July 2008

Nottingham Pride 2008

All that being down on my knees before the weather fairy payed off and Nottingham Pride dawned with a beautiful day. The weather stayed hot (very hot) all day so that, for once, the emergency services actually had to attend to people - mostly too much sun.
Despite an almost completly new committee in charge of the festivities, all went well. They obviously did the sensible thing and picked the brains of the outgoing committee. Well done guys for a superlative day out.
Record numbers of attendees and more market stalls than ever before meant that the throngs had plenty to occuppy themselves between PA's on the main stage, cabaret on the Foresters' stage and dance acts on the Niche stage.
Even more than on previous years, many people took the trouble to dress up. The view from the main stage include a throng of very classy drag queens in costumes that would not look out of place in the new Priscilla musical; many people who had gone for a pink theme and the obligatory odd-balls whose choice of costume must surely stay as a secret between them and their therapists!
Despite all the bars running out of alcohol by about 4pm, most people stayed til the end and the now-traditional audience-participation rendition of I Am What I Am.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Extreme entertainment

Working as a Drag Act is a little odd because, unless we go out socially (which I hardly do) we seldom get to see other drag acts working. We get to see plenty of strippers but rarely other drag acts.
Also we seldom get to see the acts that work the Stag Show circuit. However, as hen and stag shows are often booked in pairs, one following the other, we often get to hear about each others' shows.
I have worked a few Stag Shows and, it has to be said, that watching some aging slapper writhing on the floor with her legs apart and her giblets flapping around is not my idea of an erotic experience. But each to their own.
Last night I was told of a female dancer who seems to have taken the idea of Cirque de Extreme to new levels!
At the start of her spot, before she had even gone on stage, she inserted a Snickers bar inside herself. By the time she got out amongst the punters it was melting and running down her legs. She asked if 'anyone wants to eat my shit?', leapt on the bar and wrapped her legs around the barman's face. He ended up with melted chocolate all over his face. Next she poured about a litre of soapy water into herself, squatted on a table and proceeded to fire squirts of water at the punters; apparently so accurately that she could shoot a cigarette from a guy's lips! Having soaked every guy in the bar (and not in the usual way!) she then proceeded to insert her own arm up her ass, lean back on her elbow and swivel on it!
How the hell am I supposed to follow an act like that? LOL

Now, the reason I am relating this is because of the way it affected my act. Because so many of the guys were outraged by her act they refused to allow their wives and girlfriends to go to a Ladies' Night in case the male strippers performed in a similar extreme manner. Hence, last night, we performed to just 10 girls.

In case you have never been to a Ladies' Night, let me reassure you that, even in the most liberal clubs, that level of extreme performance does not happen with male strippers on the Hen circuit.