Thursday, 28 April 2011

Inappropriate bookings

Most times I get booked either for a full Ladies' Night with strippers (my favourite to work) or an Adult Cabaret Night. The common factor in both these types of bookings is the word ADULT. I am an ADULT act, I am not suitable for under 18's

In recent years, probably due to many families seeing drag acts in Benidorm, Tenerife and such places, I have had to stress to Agents and direct bookers the ADULT nature of my act.

A few months ago I was approached by one of my regular Agents (and I place no blame on him) regarding a potential booking at a High School Prom! The brief was that I was to do a cabaret spot and mix 'n' mingle with a room of 16-17 yr olds! I turned the booking down as I consider my act to be totally inappropriate for that age range.

Imagine my reaction when the very same booking was offered to me by a different Agent a week later. Having turned that down as well I was offered it again from a third source.

I was reminded of this again this week when I was again offered a booking from several sources that I had turned down as inappropriate.

I sometimes despair of the adults who think it is acceptable to subject youngsters to an ADULT, BLUE cabaret act.