Monday, 26 October 2015

Show Etiquette

Working on Ladies' Nights I am very aware that my job is, as well as being entertaining, to keep control of the crowd. To this end I am expected to fill in when a stripper is late arriving or has a 'slight mishap' when getting ready for the show. I am also expected to make sure that the boys have enough room to actually perform. In many venues there is not a stage as such and we have to perform on the floor, sometimes an actual dance floor but often just a clearing in the jungle of tables and chairs.
Recently I was working in a club that actually had a stage and lights. Raised up above the audience sat at tables this made sure everyone in the room could see. Now while this is the ideal setup the boys are so used to working on a floor that they automatically get down off the stage and make the performance more intimate.
This makes my job a little more difficult if we have a boisterous audience and they are trying to get up close and personal with the performers as they go through their routines.
So, there I am at this venue, all is going well and the stripper is bouncing around on the floor in front of the stage with a room full of howling women egging him on when I spotted one, camera in hand, climbing up onto the stage behind the performer filming the action. I immediately switchedon my microphone and ordered her off the stage. She hesitated so I strode down the room towards her and said, off mike, to get off the stage.
'But,' she protests, 'I am the Manager'
'I don't care who you are. Get off the stage'
'But I'm the Manager. I work here' So I had to explain to her that if I let her climb up on the stage then the rest of the audience will think it is OK to do the same and chaos would ensue. She didn't get it and just kept repeating that she was the manager.
She obviously credited her audience with far more intelligence than I did. When a baying crowd of horny women see an opportunity to get closer to a naked man they will take it.