Saturday, 26 July 2014

Private parties

In my experience a fairly recent phenomenon is the house party whereby I am booked to perform to a small group of, usually, girls either in a house or in a hotel room.
This started to happen when the smoking ban came in and allows the girls to smoke at will. This, coupled with the financial depression, meant we still got bookings at the same fee.
My initial feeling was that, as I am a mime act designed to be watched from the auditorium of a venue with some sort of stage, it wouldn't work. However, by just scaling back my gestures, makeup and mannerisms, it has turned out to work very well.
I turn up with my PA system, set it up with a low sound setting and away we go. The audience are very close and can see every wrinkle but their experience is enhanced by having a very personal performance.
This weekend I performed for just 8 girls in a hotel suite and we had a whale of a time. The bride-to-be was beyond over-excited and told me the night had made the lead up to her wedding perfect. I always aim to please!